Catablu Macaw Baby

Baby Catablu Macaw

This Catalina Macaw is a 1st generation hybrid that is produced by breeding a Male Catalina and a Female Blue and Gold Macaw. Catablu are a beautiful colored hybrid macaw that are very intelligent, and playful. The babies are 100% socialized and tame by the time the baby is ready for his new home.

 Catablu Macaws behavior: 

The personality of the Catablu is a combination of both the Blue & Gold Macaw and the Catalina Macaw.  They tend to have the friendly disposition of the Blue & Gold which softens the Catalina macaw personality that is more charming and energetic .Catablu's are very intelligent, playful, eager to learn, and can become good talkers.

This baby was born on July 26, 2020

      Price: * ( $5,900 )   

  If necessary, we ship at buyer's expense via Delta Cargo. We will handle and coordinate the flight procedure and process. Delta shipping quote of $385 includes shipping kennel w/ pellets to last for a few days & feeding bowls. If shipping please contact to arrange. * Special Note: Please be aware we are able to ship if weather permits *

What's included in the price:

1.) A hand-feeding syringe

2.) Guide and hand-feeding instructions. Our hand-feeding routine explanation given so you can continue the hand-feeding him 2x a day until fully weaned.

3.) Baby hatched Date Certificate

4.) DNA Certificate

5.) Aviator Bird Harness & Leash , Size: Large

6.) Chirp 'n feed exclusive Multi- Seed Window bird Feeder

7.) Healthy Baby Pack Includes:

* DNA Gender (Blood Sample)

* Chlamydia Psitacia (PCR)

* Avian Polyoma Virus (APV)

* Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD)

* Psittacine Herpes Virus (Pacheco's Disease)

* Avian Borna Virus (PDD)

All of our babies are disease free. A $2,070 deposit is required for the purchase of the Baby Catalina Macaw. Feel free to call or email us and we will be more than happy to assist you. If we miss your call, leave us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP.

      Baby Bird Deposit Policy

It is our duty to raise, nurture and socialize our babies. You will be given 2 months from the initial deposit date for pickup or shipping. It’s the client’s responsibility to Continue to raise the baby After the due date of pickup/shipping. Baby will be on 2 x a Day Hand-feeding unless we say otherwise. There will be an additional surcharge of $40.00 per day after the pickup or shipping due date. 

Our mission is that we want the customer to have the best experience possible with their babies. We want our customers to have a full unique bonding with their babies. This is a critical moment in the babies time to bond with their new owners. We feel that by 3 months is the perfect age to start the bonding process.

Note: *Deposit is Non-Refundable*

Please call or email us. We only take payments via PayPal or Cash. If any questions Please feel free to contact us at